πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Hi, I'm Eleftheria, Community Manager at CrabNebula.

I have a coding background (mainly front-end) and I'm interested in UX research. I'm passionate about public speaking and sharing.

Random Facts

  • I like funky rock music 🀘
  • I have a strong sweet tooth 🍫
  • I want to travel around the world 🌎
  • I enjoy going to the gym or walking in nature 🏞
  • If I have to wait in a long queue, I'll play the sudoku 🧩

Born and raised in Greece!


Except for my work at Hashnode, I create content on Twitter, I like writing articles and creating videos. I mentor code newbies and aspiring developers.


I used to work as a mobile developer (JavaScript, AngularJs and Kotlin/Java). My freelancing jobs used to be mostly in the field of UX and UI.


I majored in Informatics and Telecommunications of Engineering from the University of Western Macedonia in Greece and continue my studies with a master's in Graphical Art and Multimedia from the Hellenic Open University.

Public Speaking

Sometimes I speak at tech conferences! At first, it can be quite nerve-racking, but after you meet a few people, you forget your worries and start having fun.

Here is an ~unfinished~ list of the conferences I have participated in as a speaker:

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